Rui Cabaco in a Briefing before a Stage


The Polaris Trophy started out in 2016 as the first unique and exclusive event in Morocco for customers and owners of Polaris RZR vehicles with the official support of Polaris Spain. This year it is reactivating with the aim of offering unforgettable adventure for those who already love the desert and also for those who wish to discover it.

All owners of a Polaris vehicle will be able to participate in an exciting challenge, a mixture of adventure and African raid, created and designed specifically for the characteristics of their buggy. The event is reserved exclusively for the RZR XP 1000/ Turbo / XP4, RZR PRO XP / Turbo and PRO models.

The routes will be quite varied and specially tailored for the performance of these light vehicles. The Polaris Trophy will consist of 1,100 km. on Moroccan tracks and dunes, more specifically in the Erfoud area and its spectacular Erg Chebbi. The raid HQ will be the Xaluca hotel, where participants and their companions will spend their nights.

With demanding sections comparable to those we find in high speed rallies, the event will consist of a prologue and five stages. The route will follow a cloverleaf pattern around Erfoud and is open to participants with or without experience, with sections where speed will not be decisive (limited to 90 km/h), but skill behind the wheel and efficient navigation are paramount.

The navigation will combine stages following a track with others looking for waypoints, with a maximum time limit for each stage. Safety is comprehensive, including on track medical services and satellite locators provided for all participants through the STELLA III system. Our sophisticated online 3G rating system will also be used.

Welcome to the Polaris Trophy!

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